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Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei

Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei

sayonara zetsubo sensei

Genres: comedy, drama, slice of life

Themes: parody, school, suicide Story :

Itoshiki Nozomu, a man who always live in despair and always see everything in the negative way, one day meet Kafuka Fuura, a girl who can only see everything in positive way. Under the cherry tree, Itoshiki was about to hang himself when Kafuka walk by and stop his action. Kafuka give nickname to Itoshiki since he try to suicide under the cherry tree, so Kafuka call him 'Momoiro Kakarincho'. And then they part ways only to find that Itoshiki is a teacher that teach in Kafuka's class. The story begin here. How Itoshiki, that have another nickname, Zetsubo (despair), can survive in a class that have various kind of -strange- students as a Hikikomori, Stalker, 'Fujoshi' (female otaku), An Illegal Immigrant, etc.

Review :
Okay....first time i watch this anime i suddenly said......"What the....?!" since this anime is what you can called Weird Anime and full of unimportant things ^___^. But after i watch it the second time, i slowly realize that sometimes, episodes in this anime critisize some aspect in people's life or personality, so from my side of view, this anime teaching us some life lesson about our daily life in misguided and (often) bizzare ways.

"A man who can only see everything in negative way, and a girl who can only see everyhting in positive way. A meeting that never meant to be happen"

Itoshiki Nozomu, a man that always in despair and hate everything and often attempting to do suicide.
Kafuka Fuura, a girl that always see everything in positive way and have weird though pattern
Kiri Komori, a hikkikomori that refuse to leave school
Matoi Tsunetsuki, a super loving stalker that always follow Itoshiki wherever he go.
Chiri Kitsu, a girl that always force herself and other to do something 'properly' and might have violent alter ego ^__^
Hirumi Fujiyoshi, fujoshi....a female otaku that really love yaoi.....
Maria Taro Sekiutsu, an illegal immigrant from asia that live by buying name from one of the student in the class ^___^
Nami Hito, the only normal girl in the class that hate being normal.
Abiru Kobushi, a tail loving freak that always seen to have some serious injury all over her body caused by playing with dangerous animals (such as tiger), but people misjudged him for become a victim of DV (domestic violence)
Kaere / Kaede Kimura, a blonde girl that come from other branch of the school. Have two personality, Kaere which is violent and like to sue people, and Kaede, which is soft and shy.

Imagine what will happen if that much troublemakers are in one class, what will happen ?
Interested ? Then watch this anime and you will find so many weird things happen to them.

So......Red's Rating (1~10) : 7
Contain good life lesson about our daily live. But sometimes it show unecesary things that might confuse people who watch this anime.

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StarChild:さよなら絶望先生 (Japanese)

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